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Welcome to Next Generation TV
  If you’re a millennial, Next Generation TV is an online community for, about and by your generation. PJ Media built this multimedia platform to help connect you and other young Americans so that together you can imagine and shape a bright future. And we want your ideas for new shows. Please send them to myideas@nextgeneration.tv.

Some people think of millennials as the lost generation, with limited prospects for success because your generation reached adulthood during “the great recession.” Others see you and your peers as the entitled generation, waiting for others to hand you the American dream rather than working hard to achieve it.

But Next Generation TV knows that at 80 million strong – the largest American generation ever – you are primed to energize the country, spark ingenuity and power a new economy. Our mission is to empower you to realize that destiny.

We produce compelling videos and host live, Web-based events that demonstrate how millennials are changing the world. We’re also eager to hear your ideas on how to improve our content and this website because we truly see this as your community.

Millennials tell their own stories at Next Generation TV. We showcase young Americans who have achieved success in business, science, the arts, sports and leadership. And we spotlight the best and brightest among your peers to show how your generation’s can-do spirit will keep this country great and change the world for the better.

Two of our core programs, “Next Generation Today” and “Next Generation Beat,” are in transition. Both are focused on politics and policy right now, but we envision a future emphasis on lifestyle topics and technology. We’d love to hear your thoughts about how to tailor the shows to your interests. The format for “Next Generation Today” features different guests in each episode, while “Next Generation Beat” is a roundtable where regular panelists discuss topics that matter to your generation.

The current schedule also includes these programs:
  • Profiles in Courage” tells the stories of inspiring young Americans. Visit the program page and complete the form to nominate role models among your peers.
  • Startups” features interviews with entrepreneurs in the nascent stages of their businesses (less than $1 million in revenue), covers inspiring success stories, and investigates policy ideas that help and hurt small business creation.
  • Up or Down?” is a lighthearted look at the week’s news where Next Generation TV correspondents and contributors give a thumbs up or down to current events.
Register now and tune in daily for fresh content! We also invite you to upload your own photos and videos and to join the conversation about the next generation on our pages at Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. And remember to send your programming and website content ideas to myideas@nextgeneration.tv.